Sick Barter

At Abandon Ship we've always aimed to be transparent and self-sustaining. It is not always easy but countless times we have powered through and excelled. The fact we are over 8 years old is a testament to that, especially during this tumultuous time within the industry.

We are at a point with the business that we want to fund new opportunities for ourselves to further the brand and help make a positive impact in our community and to the world. 

Our first aim is to reopen the Abandon Ship store in Dundee and add more public art and a new concept of retail to a growing city. It will be located near the bar and we hope that it will encourage more people to visit our home but also to offer our local customer base something special.

Our second aim is to reduce our plastic use within the business. We currently use more than 3000 plastic bags a month just with shipping products. We have sourced and found a great new alternative but the price is obviously much more expensive than the cheap plastic option and the initial set up cost is significant. 

Both these concepts are something we feel passionate about and will help the business long term but to get momentum to achieve this we need a cash injection to speed things up and get us over the finish line. We really do not want to deal with banks - as part of our business model we want to create a sustainable and debt free business so that we do not need to rely on banks or other lenders. 

That is why we have come up with our Sick Barter concept. Like Kick Starter or other crowd funded systems we are looking to our community to support us in with our step forward. The difference being however that we will provide you with awesome products in return. We have built these product packages to create 40% profit from each sale while giving you the best possible offering so that everyone wins. Not only will you be getting some great products but you will also be helping our brand create new opportunities and make a difference.

The system comes in tiers and are size selected. Each tier is limited and once we have hit our target or sold out the tier they will no longer be available.

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